Our Services

Residential Supports


Our residential supports encourage community participation and assist/teach the daily living skills necessary to reach their full potential with independence.

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Senior Supports


Our senior supports facilitate independence, promote community inclusion, and prevent isolation.

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Our Mission

We support people at home and at work, so that they may participate in and contribute to their community.

Our Commitments

The Problem Solvers

Self-advocacy is about taking charge, speaking up, and acting for yourself! Our self-advocacy group, The Problem Solvers, is a nine-member committee made up of community members - each with a voice and a vote. A self-advocate also sits on the Board of Directors. Together, they provide valuable insights and speak on a variety of topics with the mission of creating a better community for all of our individuals.

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Board Members

Melissa O'Hara

Kate Sadowski
Board Member

Kathleen Prevost
Board Member

Bobby Brown
Self Advocacy Representative

Our Team

Mo Feitelson
Executive Director
860-347-9633 Ext 107

Sally Bonito
Finance Director
860-347-9933 Ext 106

Trudy Haury
Human Resources
860-347-9633 Ext 110

Betty Zoubek
Director of Nursing
860-347-9633 Ext 111

Debbie Stockburger
Administrative Assistant
860-347-9633 Ext 102

Tracey Stankiewicz
Program Director
860-347-9633 Ext 103