Our Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs

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Our residential and senior support programs are built on three core beliefs:

  • Helping people help themselves is the most satisfying and fulfilling work.
  • Community participation, a sense of belonging and something greater than oneself is an important component of quality of life.
  • Everybody has the right to make choices about their own life.

Not only is our work satisfying and fulfilling, but we believe that all people have the right to make choices about their own lives. That’s where we come in - New England Residential Services facilitates these decisions and helps our individuals work toward positive outcomes.

Another belief found at the core of our programs is community participation. Our supports help individuals find their independence, and, in turn, help them search for something greater than themselves in their surrounding community. This process brings about a sense of belonging and fulfillment in our individuals, which is evident in our self-advocacy group.


DDS Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Department of Developmental Services is to partner with the Individuals we support and their families, to support lifelong planning and to join with others to create and promote meaningful opportunities for Individuals to fully participate as valued members of their communities.